New Research project granted by Norwegian Research Council

Anne Pintsch, the coordinator of the Centre, has been granted a research project within the UTENRIKS programme of the Norwegian Research Council

Lowering the bar? – Compliance Negotiations and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

The project’s primary objective is to map and explain the occurrence and unfolding of compliance negotiations between Ukraine and the European Union on provisions of the 2014 Association Agreement (AA) and their results. At the end of the project, we expect to understand how states facing serious problems fulfilling obligations stemming from international treaties try to reduce these obligations through post-agreement negotiations and how other parties to the treaty react to such attempts. To achieve these objectives, the project will develop the first comprehensive theory of compliance negotiations. It will also present a novel set of original and objective compliance data related to the AA. Other secondary objectives are the strengthening of research capacity at the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv) and the contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Ukraine, in particular peace, strong institutions, growth and multi-stakeholder state-society cooperation.

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