Members of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence join the “Invisible University for Ukraine” initiative

Launched by the Central European University (CEU) , the non-degree programme “Invisible University for Ukraine” (IUFU) brings together junior and senior undergraduate (B.A) and graduate (M.A and Ph.D) students from Ukraine, whose studies were affected by the war. Members of UiA’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence offer teaching support to the initiative’s module “Ukraine and/in Europe”, which is co-led by Maryna Rabinovych. In particular, Stefan Gänzle and Maryna Rabinovych will teach on Ukraine’s differentiated European integration amid the war; Anne Pintsch will co-lead the session on Central and Eastern European countries’ enlargement experience and its applicability to the Ukrainian case, and Romulo Pinheiro will speak about the European higher education space and the prospects for Ukraine to join it.

Source: CEU

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