Film events at UiA, Østsia

Imagine Europe – Europe in Film

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence invites UiA students to watch and discuss films on EUROPE. Each film will briefly be introduced by an UiA scholar with a specialization in the respective topic. After the screening, there is the possibility to discuss the film with the expert and the audience. Food and drinks can be bought at Østsia. All films start at 18:00. All films are in English or have English subtitles.

DateTitle of the filmDirectorIntroduction by
Wednesday, 20.10.2021Hello, DictatorMichael WechLaszlo Bugyi
Wednesday, 17.11.2021One Day in EuropeHannes StöhrStefan Gänzle
Wednesday, 19.01.2022L’Auberge Espagnol/ The Spanish ApartmentCédric KlapischTobias Hofelich
Wednesday, 16.02.2022Brexit: The Uncivil WarToby HaynesFrans af Malmborg / Erik Mustad
TabuMiguel GomesChristoph Kalter

Next film:

Due to the current corona situation and the related measures, the film event on 19 January 2022 has to be postponed. We will keep you updated regarding a new date. Thank you for your interest and see you soon!

Previous films:

One Day in Europe – Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Two soccer teams, 4 cities, 8 languages and a wave of robberies on the day of the Champion’s League final. Welcome to Europe!

The Champions League final between Galatasaray and Deportivo la Coruña brings life in in Moscow, Berlin, Istanbul and Santiago de Compostela virtually to a halt, adding to the problems of tourists in trouble, who are already struggling with the language barrier. Four colorful stories about quirky characters and the amusing misunderstandings that cross-cultural communication often provides. All take place on one single day in different cities, and in each case those language barriers are compounded by a chaos of another sort: on this particular day, the whole of Europe is in high fever over soccer’s Champion’s League final.

The film is introduced by Stefan Gänzle, Professor and Head of Department at UiA, doing research on various aspects of European politics.

The comedy by Hannes Stöhr takes a light-hearted and winkingly look at people in Europe; people who meet, talk and all too often misunderstand each other, travel, arrive and depart – and sometimes even come close. At the movie night hosted by UiA’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence we will watch the film and discuss some of the everyday practices of European integration.

Duration of the film: 100 minutes

Hello, Dictator – Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Is it possible to have a non-democratic member state within the European Union? How and why? What political games and legal machinations led to near decade long conflict over democratic standards and corruption in Hungary? What went wrong between Budapest, Brussels and even Oslo? The documentary by BROADVIEW Pictures investigates some of these questions and more. At the movie night hosted by UiA’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence we will watch the film and discuss why it is relevant for Norwegian taxpayers and democrats beyond to keep an eye on the developments in Hungary.

The film is introduced by Laszlo Bugyi, a PhD candidate at UiA doing research on Hungarian politics.  Laszlo will provide some context to the film from an EU Studies perspective.

Duration of the film: 89 minutes